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10 August 2008 @ 06:04 pm

I was bored today, so I decided to try something. I've seen a couple people do this already and it sounded like such a cool idea that I wanted to try it out for myself. What am I talking about?

Audio fics!

I did a bunch because I was a little bit overexcited. >>

(These link to the visual files in case you want to read and listen.)

if I said I'd been waiting, it would be a lie
here in your arms I find my rest
and when you swept me off my feet
seven days of january

The Final Resurrection
Star-Crossed Angel
Element of Love

Click HERE to download them (sorry, I'm not computer-literate enough to figure out how you can just listen instead of having to download!). They're .wav files, but they open with Windows Media Player.

P.S. invaderk, this is totally for you, bb. Now you can hear me whenever you want! 8D [/obnoxious]
Donde?: I LIKE FISH.
I'm feeling: amusedlulz
What's playing in my head: Vague, lol!
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